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All the tools and paints you need to paint wildlife in the Bob Ross meathod. Brushes: Fur Brush 1/2", Eye Brush, Detail Brush #2, Finishing Brush #6, Finishing Brush #8, Bristle Brush 1/2", Bristle Brush 3/4". Soft Oil Paints (1.25 oz. ea.): Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Indian Yellow, Raw Umber, Transparent Black, Warm White, Yellow Ochre. Mediums/ Acrylics (4 oz. ea.): Glazing Medium, Liquid Acrylic Black, Liquid Acrylic White, Spray Bottle 2 oz. (The Postal System does not allow shipment of Glazing Medium to Canada, AK, HI or PR, therefore it will be replaced with a 37ml tube of Soft Warm White #750016713.)

Bob Ross Wildlife Package Deal

$183.22 Regular Price
$164.90Sale Price
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