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Cleaning Up

Bob always talks about using Odorless Paint Thinner, so you’ll need some. Be sure to get a high quality orderless thinner or you will stink up your house or studio.  With a true odorless thinner you can walk into a studio with 20 painters and barely smell anything.  The Bob Ross brand thinner is excellent, as are a few of the better artist brands. If you pick up something like "Orderless Mineral Spirits" from a home improvement center, you will definitely have a strong smell — in spite of the name.


To clean your brushes the Bob Ross company makes a nice Thinner Bucket with a Screen in the bottom. 


And since you probably won’t be “beating the devil” out of your brushes on your easel, like Bob did on the show, there is a Beater Rack that fits in a trash bucket. It works really well. 

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